Unexplained: The Perfect Summer Camping Podcast

Yesterday morning I was sitting on my couch feeling muggy from the humidity and rain that has been gracing Toronto with its presence for the past 2 weeks. I was trying to figure out what to do for the day, seeing as it’s summer and I’m off from school. After watching a few episodes of Brooklyn 99 (great show by the way), I decided I needed to do something productive. So, as I started making my lunch for the week, I also started listening to a podcast I recently discovered.


It’s called Unexplained and is created by Richard MacLean Smith. Each episode focuses on a different paranormal/supernatural event in history with no logical explanation. It’s a cross between thriller and mystery and I love it! In one episode, he recounts tales of people who claim to have time traveled and all the evidence they seem to have in support of them. In another, he tells the story of a woman who dies at an ancient pagan sacred site after trying to communicate with the dead. His style of narration is very clear and factual, and he himself seems like a very rational person, which makes the stories even scarier and more fun to believe in.

The stories in the podcast have a lot to do with old folklore and traditions, which have interested me for as long as I could remember. When I was little, I believed in magic wholeheartedly, and once I was old enough to know it wasn’t real, all I wanted was to be wrong, or at least oblivious to the fact that magic doesn’t exist. This podcast brought me back to places in my mind I haven’t been able to visit since I was 8 years old reading books about dragons and fairies and mermaids. I love the possibility that circumstances without explanations contain. It gives hope that maybe there are things we just don’t know about, good and bad and that anything is possible in both the future and the past.

The fact that most of these stories take place at night, in small foggy towns, or in places with complicated histories where many incredible and true events have taken place make these stories even more fun to listen to and easier to believe, even if I know in my heart they aren’t as magical as they seem. The places in the stories easily reflect places in real life. So, if you have a camping trip or visit to the countryside on your summer agenda, this podcast is the perfect addition.

If you’re someone who’s fascinated by history or folklore or magic, I would highly recommend this podcast. Each episode is between 30 and 60 minutes (which also happens to be the time I spend on the subway each day) and you can find it anywhere you get your podcasts or here.

If you already listen to the podcast, let me know your thoughts. Also, if you have any similar recommendations, I’d love to hear them!




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