“You’ve Changed” And Why That’s Not Always A Bad Thing



People will often fall in and out of your life at different times. Sometimes this is because of conflict or distance, and sometimes it’s because people’s personalities have changed. Sometimes changes in your personality can happen over a few years, sometimes over a few months.

It can be hard to see a person’s personality or behaviour change from how you first experienced it. It can hurt to know you no longer click with someone who used to be a close friend. Sometimes it can even be hard to let yourself change. You might try to force yourself to do things you used to love, but find that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t enjoy them anymore. Things that you once associated heavily with your personality might not be something you actually want anymore. Your values might be different; you might have larger or smaller goals in life.

As you grow, people will likely have varying opinions on the way you change. And whether they like these changes or not is entirely out of your control. There might be a lot of pressure to stay the same as you were in order to save relationships and things that are important to you. You might feel guilty about wanting to change, and try to hold yourself back. This is you’ll have to make the decision of forcing yourself to stay the way you’ve been or to move forward and embrace new interests. My advice would be to embrace it and move forward. You’ll never be able to enjoy things you’ve fallen out of love with and you’ll likely end up resenting people if you feel like they’re holding you back.

There’s no avoiding the fact that people change. Interests, political opinions, and everything else that makes up who you are will likely be different in five months or ten years. Knowing this, try not to take offense when others change and don’t beat yourself up over falling out of love with things and moving forward.





(Photo by Olive Paper Company)


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